200 Club

25 Jun

On 24 Jun 15, Alistair joined the “200 Club”.  The “200 Club” is a small group of paraglider pilots who’ve flown 200km or more in the UK.

Alistair with Simon Green, Michael Coupe and Tim Pentreath having landed after their epic adventure!


Alistair took off from Milk Hill in Wiltshire at around 1130am and flew to his declared goal In Milton Keynes under perfect skies in little more than 3 hours.  Over the town he met up with some other pilots and they agreed to fly as a team for as far as they could get during the rest of the day.  They landed under grey skies in Thetford for 213km straight line, having flown over The Wiltshire Countryside, the two famous universities of Oxford and Cambridge, The Fens, American Airbases of Mildenhall and Lakenheath before the day shut down and they all landed together on a small sports pitch near Thetford Forest.

Alistair taking a weak climb near USAF Base getting close to the 200km mark.

A couple of local pilots had been watching their flights on http://www.livetrack24.com/users/AlistairAndrews and came to offer congratulations on landing.  One of them was already in the field! This brilliant website has improved safety, communications, team flying and retrieve so much over the past couple of years.

Track GE 213km
Alistair’s tracklog showing the odd jink around airspace, booting it along cloud streets and taking climbs of various concreted towns along track.


213km! Time to land and stretch those legs.

After an epic retrieve, the guys were in bed, shattered, at 2am! Let’s see what the forecast’s looking like…