About Us

About Us

Alistair started flying paragliders at the age of 18.

Having been an air cadet, Alistair was lucky to have already flown solo in a sailplane, and a Cessna by that age, and having represented GB at a European Championship for RC Model Gliders at 18, once he started University, he put the transmitter down and his lasting obsession with paragliding began.

He was lucky to survive these first steps in the sport and eventually was taken on by a local school who converted his self taught skills into a BHPA Club Pilot rating, and he hasn’t looked back!

Joining Southampton University Air Squadron late in 2003, Alistair was very lucky to do some more powered flying with the RAF, but he eventually put on a dark blue uniform, starting at Dartmouth in 2006 to become a Royal Navy Officer within the Fleet Air Arm.

After 11 years within the FAA, including tours flying Sea Kings as a Search and Rescue pilot and Radar Surveillance pilot, Alistair left the Navy to start his own paragliding school in Wales.

Nearly 20 years on, with a wealth of experience in military aviation and having flown paragliders all over the world, Alistair now uses his experience in cross country paragliding and instruction as well as his skills gained in military aviation to help you progress safely to the highest levels of cross country flying in this challenging, rewarding and addictive sport.

Our other instructors are all former military pilots, and, or parachutists and combine the professionalism of their background, with their love and passion for paragliding to deliver you some of the very best training available.

Andy Macdonald – AAC Apache Instructor, now teaching new military pilots as a civilian. Andy is also the BHPA’s Airspace Consultant.

Aaron Binks – An expert skydiver, Aaron is our go to guy for advice on Emergency Parachute Systems and a very keen speed flyer and cross country paraglider pilot.

Pete Mac – One of the UK’s most experienced Tandem Skydiver, Pete is now training to become a paragliding instructor.