Hike and Fly Package – Save Over £300!

Hike and Fly Package – Save Over £300!

Save over £500 off the RRP of this package, when you buy it whilst in training with us.

Air Design Eazy 2 Superlight Paraglider (3.5kg)£2800
Gin Verso 3 (3.9kg)£799
Gin Yeti UL Parachute (0.99kg)£750
Supair Pilot Helmet (0.38kg)£105
Total RRP (Total Weight 8.77kg)£4454
Total from us!£4154

As an aspiring hike and fly pilot, you’ll want a superlight package (in this case 8.77kg), but also one that has the handling and passive safety that will keep you safe as you take your first steps in the sport. The Eazy 2 Superlight is our first choice for your first paraglider. With a sleek design, it has the performance of a higher class of wing, but the safety of a school wing. It’s incredibly well made, easy to fly and the most fun handling EN A wing that we’ve flown.

Couple this glider with a comfortable and cleverly designed Gin Verso 3 reversible harness, the lightest reserve parachute available, and one of the comfiest, lightest helmets we’ve ever tried, you’ve got a confidence inspiring, fun and safe package to start your flying career, be your flights from a local top drive site, or a 5 hour hike up an Alp!



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