Paragliding Package – Save over £650!

Paragliding Package – Save over £650!

Save over £500 off the RRP of this package, when you buy it whilst in training with us.

Air Design Eazy 3 Paraglider£3150
Gin Gingo 4 Harness£869
Gin Yeti Cross Parachute£680
Supair Pilot Helmet£119.95
Total RRP£4818.95
Total from us!£4138.95

The Air Design Eazy 3 is a great choice for your first paraglider. With a sleek design, it has the performance of a higher class of wing, but the safety of a school wing. It’s incredibly well made, easy to fly and even more refined that the previous model.

Couple this glider with a comfortable and robust Gin Gingo 4 harness, with state of the art back protector, a lightweight, top quality reserve parachute and one of the comfiest helmets we’ve ever tried, you’ve got a confidence inspiring, fun and safe package to start your flying career.

Buying from us means that we’ll fit you to the right glider, harness and reserve for your needs. You’ll have local dealer and warranty support throughout your flying career, wing trimming and inspection available only to our customers (so no waiting list), invitations to school events and get togethers after you’ve completed your training and potential for trade in – in the future when you want to upgrade.



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