Paraglider Servicing

Paraglider Servicing

Service Cost
Trim Check (every line measured against specification, with written report) £50
Re-trim and Report (adjustments made with written report, following a “Trim Check”) £30
Re-trim and Report SOFT LINKS (adjustments made with written report, following a “Trim Check”) £50
Maillon Rapides (each) £4
Porosity Check (at least 8 positions on the glider) + Bettsometer check if required. £30
Line strength test, including upper, mid, and lower levels tested and replaced £80
Independent Visual Inspection (comprehensive check, usually for sale purposes) £30
Replacement line fitting £20
“The Works” – Trim Check, Retrim and Report, Porosity, Line Strength and Inspection £200
Fitting reserves to harnesses, installing recall replacement parts etc can be arranged POA
Return 48 hour shipping £17-21

Why use us?

  • As we only service gliders for customers who’ve bought wings through us, we’re able to offer very short turnaround times
  • Choose any combination of services you want
  • We have a clear pricing structure
  • We offer a personalised service
  • Trimming is done by an experienced Cross Country Pilot, to get the best from your wing, whatever the classification
  • At least 8 x porosity check points to get a true picture of your wing’s condition
  • Bettsometer check to confirm the fabric’s tear resistance 
  • Line strength testing at all three levels for your peace of mind
  • For those tight on time, while you wait servicing can be arranged for an additional fee of only £100.

You can email to book your service.

“777 confirmed that you did an excellent job of re-trimming my wing. I’ll pass the word around.” – Andrew, 777 King pilot.

“I think it handles much better, more progressive and smother motions” – Ben’s comments after flying his wing that had been re-trimmed.

This article may be of interest to those thinking of having a lightweight glider trimmed.