Speed Flying Package – Save over £200

Speed Flying Package – Save over £200

Save over £250 off the RRP of this package, when you buy it whilst in training with us.

Level Wings Flame 13 – Speed Wing£1833
Level Fusion Harness + Airbag£699
Supair Pilot – Helmet£105
Total RRP£2637
Total from us!£2400

The Level Wings Flame in 16m or 13m size are our favourite first Speed Wings. The Flame has an incredibly broad speed range and adjustable glide angle, making it the perfect wing for UK sites, where we don’t always have a long and steep line to fly. It has forgiving flying characteristics, especially in these larger sizes, whilst maintaining very playful handling. The Flame also has siblings all the way done to 8 metres in area, allowing you to progress after qualifying on the same type of wing, but in smaller sizes. Level also make more aggressive speed flying and speed riding wings, allowing safe progression within the same brand.

Couple the Flame with the Fusion, the most comfortable and responsive speed flying harness that we’ve used. It comes with a certified air bag back protector and turns around to become a rucksack! We’ll also provide you with a lightweight Supair Pilot helmet, capable of integrating with ski goggles and you’ve got the perfect package for a new Speed Flyer.

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