Learn to Speed Fly!

Learn to Speed Fly!

What is Speed Flying?

  • Speed flying is a new, adrenaline filled branch of paragliding.
  • Small wings are used to make fast top to bottom flights following steep, mountainous terrain
  • Pilots take off and land on their feet just like a paraglider
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Why choose us

  • We have been speed flying since the early days of the sport.
  • Given our experience, we are one of the only schools in the UK approved to teach this discipline.
  • With the increased risk of flying fast, close to the ground, we use our experience to keep you safe while you concentrate on enjoying your training
  • We only use state of the art flying equipment
  • We are vastly experienced flying these small wings in the Alps, Himalayas and getting the best from our UK sites.

The Training

  • Taught under an internationally recognised BHPA syllabus
  • We can teach you from day 1, or convert paraglider pilots or sky divers
  • You will learn how to fly these small wings in wind up to 20mph
  • Complete theory lessons and pass the Speed Flying CP Exam
  • Leave the school with the BHPA Club Pilot Speed Flying rating, ready to fly all round the world
  • All equipment is provided from your first day onwards, and we can supply you the most appropriate gear for your needs to use once qualified
  • Training for a student with no experience usually takes a minimum of 5 days, and for an experienced paraglider pilot can take as few as 2 or 3 days.


  • Training is £160/day
  • Includes use of our equipment, all practical training, theory and exams
  • You’ll also need to be a BHPA Member £29/day or £169/annual to train with us, there’s also a £30 joining fee in the first year. We will do the paperwork with you on your first day.
  • Member benefits include 3rd party insurance, access to club membership once you’re qualified and a monthly magazine.
  • We offer fantastic equipment packages to buy, setting you up with the highest quality gear for when you finish your training – all at discounted prices for our students.
  • Speed Flying Package

Where we train

  • We are affiliated with the South East and South West Wales Clubs
  • We focus our training on the best sites that you will use once qualified
  • Speed Flying requires big steep hills like Waun Rydd, Hay Bluff and Rhossili so we focus our training on these sites.