Glider Trimming and Porosity Checking

As most pilots are becoming increasingly aware, regular trim checking and adjustment is the most critical part of our glider servicing. Fed up with the limitations of using the big service centres with their slow turnarounds, we use a portable, laser trim system to offer a fast turnaround service for paraglider trimming in Crickhowell.  We hope that this service will be of great benefit to local pilots, who will no longer have to post their gliders with the associated expensive of carriage fees and long waiting lists.

The cost of a full laser measure is £50.  You can then opt to make adjustments yourself, or we can do them as a full re-trim and re-measure with written report for £30.

After the retrim, you should notice significantly improved inflation behaviour as well as a more responsive wing, that flies better – the one that you used to fly when it was new!

The other services that we offer are porosity checking, line strength testing and inspection.

Porosity Checking is done using a state of the art Porozit meter. Readings are taken at several points along the position of the centre of pressure and the results are reported to the pilot. This testing helps the pilot to be aware of the condition and airworthiness of the glider, as porosity worsens over time and affects the glider’s flying performance, safety and of course – resale value. The check takes around an hour and costs £30

Line strength testing is an important check on gliders over a couple of years old, especially for heavily used and older wings. The check is done at customer’s request or when we suspect the line set may have degraded and costs £20 + the cost of the destroyed lines (usually £15-20 each).

If you have  lightweight wing that needs trimming, that’s absolutely fine. We specialise in hike and fly and have many years of experience trimming these gliders. That said, we highly recommend that gliders fitted with soft links are moved onto Maillon Rapides at the first trim check. We supply and fit these in either 3 or 3.5mm size. If you need the glider to stay on the soft links we must advise that the glider cannot be trimmed as accurately as on metal links and we charge an extra £20 because the adjustments are so time consuming. This article may be of interest to those thinking of having a lightweight glider trimmed.

We can do small stick on patches if we find small holes in your wing, but we do not offer glider repair.

You can email for more information and booking in.

“777 confirmed that you did an excellent job of re-trimming my wing. I’ll pass the word around.” – Andrew, 777 King pilot.

“I think it handles much better, more progressive and smother motions” – Ben’s comments after flying his wing that had been re-trimmed.

Price List

  • Trim Check (every line measured against specification, with written report) – £50*
  • Re-trim and Report (adjustments made with written report)  – £30
  • Re-trim and Report SOFT LINKS (adjustments made with written report) – £50
  • Maillon Rapides – £4 per link
  • Porosity Check (at least 9 positions on the glider) – £30
  • Line strength test – £20 (+ 3 x new lines at £15-£20 each)
  • Independent Visual Inspection (comprehensive check, usually for sale purposes)* – £30
  • Replacement line fitting – £15-20
  • “The Works” – Trim Check, Retrim and Report, Porosity, Line Strength and Inspection – £140*
  • Other work such as fitting reserves to harnesses, or installing recall replacement parts can be arranged by special request.
  • *Plus the cost of  replacing any lines we found damaged or tested for strength.