Ultralight Single Skin Hike and Fly Package – Save £250

Ultralight Single Skin Hike and Fly Package – Save £250

Save £350 off the RRP of this package, when you buy it whilst in training with us.

Air Design UFO (18 metre size = 1.77kg)£2760
Gin Yeti Convertible 2 Harness and Airbag (M size = 2.1kg)£639
Supair Pilot Helmet (0.38kg)£119.95
Total RRP (Total Weight 4.25kg)£3518.95
Total from us!£3250

As an aspiring hike and fly pilot, trail runner or mountaineer, you’ll want an ultralight package (in this case 3.11kg), but also one that has the handling and passive safety that will keep you safe as you take your first steps in the sport. The new UFO is our choice for your entry into single skin paragliding. With handling to match a double skin wing, incredibly low weight, ease of ground handling and in flight behaviour that matches or betters most school wings, it will be the wing of choice to start and progress in this adventurous aspect of paragliding.

Couple this glider with the Gin Yeti Convertible 2 harness and airbag and you’ll be ready to add the UFO to your hikes, trail runs and mountaineering projects, for the ultimate multi activity days! The kit is also available with the Air Design Le Slip Harness and 38 litre trail rucksack for an even lighter package.

Buying from us means that we’ll fit you to the right glider, harness and reserve for your needs. You’ll have local dealer and warranty support throughout your flying career, wing trimming and inspection available only to our customers (so no waiting list), invitations to school events and get togethers after you’ve completed your training and potential for trade in – in the future when you want to upgrade.

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