Courses Details

Courses Details

The Taster Day

  • A single day, no obligation entry to training
  • An amazing gift for adventurous types
  • For those who want to dip their toes in the sport
  • You will start the flying syllabus and get a flavour of things to come
  • Most students fly solo on the taster day.
  • £160

Club Pilot Stage

  • Build on the skills learned in the EP Stage
  • Fly in stronger wind up to 15mph
  • Learn to soar, land back where you took off from and deal with potential problems in flight
  • Complete more advanced theory and pass the Club Pilot Exams
  • Normally takes 5 to 7 days
  • Leave the school as an competent and confident Club Pilot, with an internationally recognised qualification
  • You must complete this stage to join a club.
  • £160 per day

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Elementary Pilot Course

  • The first formal stage of training to become a pilot
  • A structured, internationally recognised syllabus
  • At the end of this training stage you will be able to make short top to bottom flights
  • Some simple theory lessons and a short multiple choice exam
  • Normally takes 3 to 5 days
  • You will also need to complete Club Pilot training to leave the school.
  • £160 per day

The UK/Hill Conversion 

  • Training for students who have undertaken training overseas or have a CP Tow Rating.
  • Learn the technicalities of flying from UK Hill and Mountain sites
  • Usually takes two days of training in wind up to 15mph at a soaring site
  • Learn to soar, as well as complete slope and top landings
  • Complete soaring theory and complete the CP Hill Exam
  • You will need to complete this course to join a club if you have trained overseas.
  • £160 per day


You’ll need to be a BHPA member in order to undergo training with us. This membership entitles you to all the benefits that trained pilots receive, including 3rd party insurance of £5 million, the ability to train on managed flying sites, and receipt of a monthly magazine. The current costs are day £29, three month £104 and annual £169, (both 3 month and annual are subject to a £30 joining fee). Our training days are typically 6 to 8 hours in length.