FLARE – Pro Partnership

FLARE – Pro Partnership

We’re proud to announce that we’re now the UK’s first and only FLARE Pro Partner! This means that we have a suite of demo Moustache parakite wings in stock, in all sizes, as well as the Contour Harness. We can offer advice on sizing, training, trimming and discount codes for you to buy your wing of choice.

What is a Moustache? Well it looks a lot like a paraglider, but is actually quite different. The Moustache is fast and stable at the same time. With the Flare system, it allows you to combine the classic brake range of a paraglider with the speed system, so that you can now control both using the brake lines. The reflex profile means that the glider is incredibly stable throughout the speed range and height can easily be turned into speed, and vice versa. This allows precise control of the flight altitude. Soaring is safer in a wider range of wind speeds.


  • Reflex aerofoil profile
  • Automatic drainage system
  • Killer Mushroom
  • Best Trim Labels
  • Riser fix system
  • SNOW loops
  • FLARE system

What is the Moustache for?

Soaring, speed flying and speed riding, snow kiting and proximity flying. The Moustache is not intended to be used for thermalling or cross country! The Moustache is primarily intended for soaring in a range of wind speeds, and inland proximity flying down the flattest lines you can find on a map! Flare have opened a new chapter in paragliding history with the Moustache.

If you’d like to try, or buy a Moustache, please get in touch with us here, or drop Alistair a WhatsApp on 07575280508.