Nepal 2018

Nepal 2018

Nepal 2018
Hike & Fly | XC | Photo Workshop
November 4th-18th
Guided by: Alistair Andrews & Cody Tuttle

Explore the Himalaya in a way you never imagined possible. Over our 2 week adventure our guides will take you on a journey through some of the world’s tallest mountains and most remote villages. Experience Nepali culture and beauty during our photo treks and workshops. Fly with Himalayan Griffon Vultures, and push yourself as pilots during our XC clinics and Hike & Fly trips.

$1500 USD (£1400) Trip cost
$500 (£400) Deposit required to hold your space

Includes the following:

Accommodation for 14 Nights
– Shared room while we are in Pokhhara
– Refuge style guest house while we are in the mountains

Breakfast will be included every day.
You will be responsible for your lunch and dinner. This allows clients to experience the vast cultural cuisine available around Pokhara.

Taxi & Jeep Transport to and from launch

Additional Expenses:

Transport from Kathmandu to Pokhara
– Flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara are $120 USD and take approximately 30min
– Busses run from Kathmandu Daily and are between $10-$25 depending on the bus. The luxury busses are quite nice, similar to Europe. Travel time 6-9 is hours.

Tourist Visa is $40 for a 30 Day stay

Travel Insurance that covers Paragliding (Recommended)
Explorers Package from World Nomads:

Mandatory Gear to Bring:

GPS Tracking Device: I would suggest the Garmin Delorme other option is the Spot
Dual Band VHF/UHF 2 Meter Radio with Mic
Flying Club Rating Card
– Most years the Nepali government doesn’t care but occasionally they check that you are a member of the Nepal Airsport Association and in this case you will need your club card.
Rescue Parachute: Even on hike and fly missions we prefer you fly with a rescue.
Recommended Gear:
Light weight paraglider / harness / reserve
Pee Tubes
Sleeping Bag
Expedition Weight Down Jacket (it gets cold up there at 4-5k meters)
Heavy Ski Gloves
Over Mits (These can be purchased in Pokhara for $20)
Ski Goggles
Hydration system with purifying filter. (Stream water is not drinkable in Nepal)
3-piece trekking poles


In town you would expect air temperatures to be up to the mid 20s (celcius) during, and around 10C by night. The thermal flying day is between 10am and 4.30pm and obviously it’s much cooler in the high mountains. I would be confident of flying every day during the tour as precipitation and strong winds do not affect the area in November. That’s why it’s flying paradise!

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