Paraglider Trimming, Reserve Repacking & Custom Gear

Paraglider Trimming, Reserve Repacking & Custom Gear

Service Cost
Trim Check (every line measured against specification, with written report) £65
Re-trim and Report (adjustments made with written report, following a “Trim Check”) £35
Re-trim and Report SOFT LINKS (adjustments made with written report, following a “Trim Check”) £65
Maillon Rapides (each) £4
Porosity Check (at least 8 positions on the glider) + Bettsometer check if required. £35
Line strength test, including upper, mid, and lower levels tested and replaced £100
Independent Visual Inspection (comprehensive check, usually for sale purposes) £50
Standard Reserve Repack £65
Steerable Reserve Repack £95
Tandem Reserve Repack £75
Return 48 hour shipping £17-21

Why use us?

  • We’re able to offer very short turnaround times
  • Choose any combination of services you want
  • Fully licensed BHPA EPS Reserve Parachute Packer
  • £10 discount for reserve repacks if reserve is not connected to a harness
  • We have a clear pricing structure
  • We offer a personalised service
  • Trimming is done by an experienced Cross Country Pilot, to get the best from your wing, whatever the classification
  • At least 8 x porosity check points to get a true picture of your wing’s condition
  • Bettsometer check to confirm the fabric’s tear resistance 
  • Line strength testing at all three levels for your peace of mind
  • For those tight on time, while you wait servicing can be arranged for an additional fee of only £100.

You can email to book your service.

As of March 2023 we now also offer custom made lightweight concertina bags, stuff sacks, chest strap bags, and any other pieces of lightweight gear made from recycled paraglider fabric. POA.

“777 confirmed that you did an excellent job of re-trimming my wing. I’ll pass the word around.” – Andrew, 777 King pilot.

“I think it handles much better, more progressive and smother motions” – Ben’s comments after flying his wing that had been re-trimmed.

This article may be of interest to those thinking of having a lightweight glider trimmed.